Combination Hinawi / QuickBooks Vs. ERP

Big ERP Software


Hinawi & QuickBooks

Very High Cost

Fits all budgets

Takes Months if not years to implement.

Ready upon installation and training

Requires users with an advanced technical backgrounds and expensive salary packages.

Easy to understand by users with all technical level backgrounds.

High cost for mandatory Annual maintenance otherwise system will lock.

Annual maintenance is optional and we will not lock the software.

You build modules from scratch.

Modules in software are ready to use.

Customization and Upgrade is costly and time consuming.

Customization is built in and easy to use through setup module.

High cost for additional licenses

Reasonable cost

Database license is not free.

Free SQL Database license from Microsoft.

Many Steps to post entries

Simple way in posting data. Real time posting or batches.

Delays due to reliance on consultants and 3rd party customer support

Doesn’t need third parties.

High Investment in Infrastructure

Standard requirements of server and computers.

Daily office work transactions will be on hold for months until the first module ready.

Start entering data immediately; tools to import data from excel available.

Top ten risk factors of Big ERP Software Companies:-

  1. Lack of senior manager commitment.
  2. Ineffective communications with users.
  3. Insufficient training of end-users.
  4. Failure to get user support.
  5. Lack of effective project. management methodology
  6. Attempts to build bridges to legacy applications.
  7. Conflicts between user departments.
  8. Composition of project team members.
  9. Failure to redesign business process.
  10. Misunderstanding of change requirements.