Accounting & CRM


The Accounting Module is well known for being able to overcome the weaknesses of QuickBooks. It contains all of the features that your business needs to operate effectively in the MENA region, and the module is now interconnected with other modules that pertain to your industry. The Accounting Module is the foundational module of Hinawi Software.

The CRM module is complementary to the module that you choose. It gives you the flexibility to create quotations, manage customers, set reminders and calendar tasks.


  • Cheques printing
  • Predefined templates for activities
  • Reminders
  • Post Dated Cheques management
  • Status of customers and suppliers
  • Financial Reports
  • Settings (access level and activities checklist)
  • Design templates forms and Printing
  • Arabic and English
  • Integrated with Other modules in Hinawi Desktop and Hinawi Online